Monday, November 12, 2012

The Chronicles of Spencer

These are a collection of stream of consciousness written poems about a boy that I liked in high school. I just dug them up and decided to share them here. 

I think I love you
I think I love you
I think I love you
But you will never love me
I am invisible to you
You will never notice my face
I will write a thousand poems
Burning through and through
But you will never notice
And less still will you care.

I will haunt you from the shadows
A ghost you never see
But you will never love me
No you will NEVER love ME
I must get this through my head
I must get this through my heart
You will never want me
In this same way

Oh God my darling
A god you are to me
But you will never see me
No you can never know
I am so heartbroken
I just really really want you
Come to me

But you never will
That is not my life.
I am a pathetic sea creature
While you roam the lands

Oh my Prince, dearest prince
I forgot I was unworthy of your grace
All I wanted was to know you
And you whipped yourself out of my grasp
I wouldn't have tried to taint your soul
And you could have told me
If you had a problem
Instead of just pulling away passively.
And now these words I say with dear dear love.
“Fuck you. I will now pine more.”
I know I said I loved you,
But I think that I was wrong.  

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